Contact Us

We are always happy to correspond with you by e-mail about the plants we sell. E-mail is preferred, and guarantees a fast response. Email Us

If you need to send correspondence through the US Postal Service, please use the following address.

	Rob Halgren, PhD
	Littlefrog Farm
	PO BOX 26
	Holt, MI, 48842

Visiting the 'greenhouse'

Please e-mail us prior to planning your visit. We have a very full schedule of work, shows, and family activities. Always happy to have visitors, but that only works if we are here to receive them.

Talks and away sales

Yes, I (Rob) will probably talk at your orchid society or garden club, schedule permitting. I love to do this, and societies keep asking me back so I must be somewhat good at it... I can and usually do bring orchid and other plants for sale. My speaking fees are quite reasonable and based on the number of members in your club, please enquire for details. I can (and will) speak anywhere in the world, but the host organization would be responsible for travel and lodging. I cannot bring (or ship) plants outside of the USA.

As you may have noticed I don't have time to make lists of the plants I have. I do this occasionaly. If you want me to bring a specific plant, please ask, otherwise I bring a selection of whatever looks good. I specialize in paphs, phrags, and various smallish orchid species and hybrids that grow well under lights. I also grow many african violets and bromeliads.

I'm always willing to work up a new talk, but these are some of the talks that are ready to go. Some might need some updating.

  • Growing orchids under lights - focusing on LEDs and my own growing experience
  • What's wrong with my leaf? - a fairly basic talk on diagnosing and treating plant problems
  • Phragmipedium besseae and breeding - Old, needs updating, but can be done in the 'society' style, more basic, or the 'AOS Judging' style, more technical and focusing on awards and evaluation
  • Paphiopedilum Maudiae - another older one, focusing on Maudiae type breeding. See the besseae talk for options.