Littlefrog Farm specializes in fine orchids, bromeliads and tropical plants, with a special emphasis on plants that will perform well in terrariums and vivariums.  Since we also serve the amphibian and reptile hobby market, we grow virtually all of our plants without chemical pesticides and with minimal fertilization.  We rely heavily on 'natural' pest control and predatory insects. Our plants are guaranteed safe for your frogs!

At this time, we mainly do business as a wholesale nursery. Stock on hand is very limited, but we can usually provide nicely rooted plants with a month or two of lead time. If you are local to Lansing, MI or can find time to come out to our 'greenhouse' (actually a high tech indoor growing facility), we do retail sales by appointment only. Local zoning regulations and a random work schedule require this, please do not arrive without an appointment. Contact us for available times and directions to the greenhouse.

Yes, we would love to give a talk on orchids (or frogs!) to your orchid society or garden club.  Please contact us for availability and topics.

Please bear with us while we reconstruct our website.  And if you've been wondering when that will finally happen, I am actively doing it now (early spring 2013). Expect a retail listing of orchids and other interesting tropical plants as soon as our show season winds down! We may be able to start offering dart frogs again, stay tuned. As always, if you can't find the information you need, please feel free to contact us by e-mail with any questions you may have.