Speaking, Consulting, etc.



Yes, we can speak to your orchid society or garden club.  We give great talks on a variety of topics.  We can speak to groups of 5 or 5000 - talking about orchids is what we do best.  Our speaking fees are modest, and largely dependent on the size of your organization.  We ask for money to cover the cost of travel, and can bring plants for sale to any location in the continental United States.  While we are happy to travel to other countries, we cannot bring plants for sale outside the USA.  Please contact us directly for scheduling and availability.


  • Growing under LED lights
  • What is wrong with my leaf? - Diagnosing some common problems
  • Maudiae type paphiopedilums
  • Phrag. besseae and its hybrids
  • Growing Miniature Orchids

  • You choose!  I can talk about lots of things - always looking for new ideas.

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Yes, we can do consulting as well.  Travel and hourly rate applies.  Please contact us directly for scheduling and availability 

Orchid Questions?

We are always happy to answer questions about the plants we sell.  If you have purchased a plant from Littlefrog Farm and need more information, please contact us.  


 Yes, we can repot your orchid (or any plant).  $2.50 per plant includes all materials including plastic pot (up to 5" pot).  We reserve the right to charge more for extremely large or overgrown plants.  We are also happy to teach you how to repot while we are doing it - next time you can do it yourself!

This service is intended for people near Lansing, MI, and plants need to be brought to our location.  Housecalls are a possibility - but would entail substantial additional expense.